Sentence a Day:: An un-numbered day in forever.

An excerpt from a conversation with a friend:

A stranger is only a stranger the first time you meet them.


Sentence a Day:: Day Fourteen.

Day Fourteen:

The power of truly knowing yourself is undeniable.

Day Seven:

Life is just the collection of countdowns, until something starts or ends.

So, it’s over…

Yep, two whole weeks have been and gone. The last two days were scribbled on scrap bits of paper and only made it up today. I hope you are not to disappointed reading them, as they are only short and I have posted them without any other thoughts attached. I tend to think things through a million ways and have so many thoughts running through my head, that by the time it comes to un-jumbling them and writing them down, the task is impossible.

I haven’t decided whether I will continue the sentence a day challenge for any other specific amount of time. I might keep it as a regular thing, but I am going to take a break from it for a few days at least as I have some other posts I want to work on. I am definitely not ruling it out permanently, it was a great way to get myself posting regularly (majority of the time).

For now, Kate x

Sentence a Day:: Day Thirteen.

Just a quick context for sentence thirteen; my family and I went on a quick trip to Hobart for a night. Four adults, one car, three hours there, three hours back. 🙂

Day Thirteen:

A road trip is the true test: of sanity and love.

Day Six:

It only takes a second -the blink of an eye, or the turn of a head – for something that was so clear before to become a blur.

Kate x

Sentence a Day:: Day Twelve.

Day Twelve:

I collect things and then stash them away in boxes, stacked behind closed cupboard doors where they become more than items; they become fragments of my future.

Day Five:

It is amazing how fast a day goes surrounded by friends and laughter.

Absolutely no comparison today. Not one iota. Zilch. Nada.

(Okay, I am out of ways to say essentially nothing today)

Kate x

Sentence a Day:: Day Eleven.

Day Eleven already.

Here it is:

All things look like they will take forever in the onset; yet you question where the time went on the finish line.


Day four:

You have to find the balance between preparing for life and your future, and living now.


I don’t have much to say about these two. I guess they are both about experiences and time. Last week I was finding it tough making decisions, and time was a big factor in that process. Today, coming towards the end of my Sentence a Day challenge, I noticed how quickly time actually goes. It has already been over a week and a half since I started and I honestly don’t know how I got to this point so quickly. So much has happened… and yet, nothing really has; life is still pretty close to normal. But then again, what constitutes as normal? That is a topic for another day with less weary eyes!

Kate x