The Year for Fear:: An obscure resolution.

When people usually make new years resolutions they make them for a positive outcome. I can understand if at first glance you don’t think choosing ‘Fear’ as my focus word for 2015 will lead anywhere great, but let me explain.

On the way back from a family holiday at the pointy end of 2014 I found myself wandering through an airport store with all of the usual gimmicks: magazines, junk food, tiny plastic souvenirs. What I spent a good time looking at though was a carousel of cards, each marked with words of wisdom from many different people who have it all figured out. Amongst the over used and cliché quoted, one in particular caught my attention. Continue reading The Year for Fear:: An obscure resolution.


Oops :: That time I put deodorant in my hair.

First of, I guess you’re wondering how this even happens? SURELY, I would have noticed when I picked up the wrong can, wouldn’t I?

In short, no.

I wasn’t high, tired, drunk or anything else under the debilitating banner. I was fully awake and aware of my surroundings; or at least I thought I was.

In long, I use natural deodorant that comes in a pump bottle, and in an attempt to be ‘green’ and recycle – as well as make the most of my measly University student budget – I reuse them for water, and other products for my hair. (I am about the experiment with making my own sea salt spray for summer, and maybe even a natural lightening spray too?) Genius! Except when you grab the wrong one.

Luckily, being a natural deodorant with no nasty chemicals or alcohol, I didn’t have to worry about it damaging my hair at all. In fact, for a few moments I even thought about leaving it in. After a bit longer though, I noticed that it was a little greasy in that spot. I’m not entirely sure what part of that the deodorant had to play, or if it was just because of my hair being damp.

Moral of the story? I need to start labelling my shit!

Kate x

How to:: get naked for a stranger

Now hold on crazy pants.. I’m talking about getting a 100% innocent massage. So back the creepy train up and hear me out.

To catch you up to speed, I got a voucher for a massage for my birthday and decided to get it done today. Now there are things that nobody explains to you when you go into these things. Things that would be really, really useful to know. Like how naked you get and when.

Continue reading How to:: get naked for a stranger

Having a bad day:: and then a few more.

Sadness is hard to talk about on a blog when you are trying to keep everything positive and healthy, but I am going to write about it anyway because I feel that it needs to be said.

I am in the process of learning to pick myself back up; It’s called living. You may not have noticed but I stopped blogging for around two weeks. All of my stressful thoughts and the high expectations I place upon myself about my blog and other aspects of my life got to much. I am a perfectionist and falling behind the eight ball gets me stressed and becomes cumulative the more behind I get.

I stopped going to the gym because i didn’t have the ‘time’ to allow myself that, I kept getting tension headaches and I felt so far down the rabbit hole that there was no return. I got behind in school, and as I started to get back on track with it all my run down body threw that neglect right back in my face in the form of a cold. There is a distinct difference between giving advice and taking it, this I know. But please use this as a warning and learn from my mistakes. It is a tight rope act between relaxing and procrastinating, treats and binging, not worrying about it and avoidance. Knowing the difference between these and then being able to be your own moderator is the key to balance.

Be well and be kind to yourself,
Kate x

A glimpse of me:: I am an old soul.

Sometimes I feel so lonely, but I only want to be by myself because I am the only one who understands me. I take pride in my individual power, yet sometimes it lets me down. I am an old soul, and sometimes that can be highly isolating. Mix that in with my introvert tendencies and it’s no wonder that I end up in this situation.

Another big problem is I don’t want to settle. Whether that be in relationships or with an outcome. I think things through.. a lot. I have often run through the possibilities of a situation before it has even happened. I only want the best, yet sometimes in my effort to minimise drama I do settle. Then I just get a build up guilt and deal with it at a later stage.

If you are confused by the mass amount of information I have just thrown at you, don’t feel bad. I’m probably more confused than you.